Creative beauty gifted by our community 

The Beauty of Dance

The Beauty of Dance: a piece from the community

Saved by Beauty

Choreography: Natalie Dodd

Performers: Chronicles dance group

Music: Curtain Tune (Henry Purcell) arranged Bjarte Eike

Chronicles performed dance pieces Murmuration and Misa Criolla for the first time in the 2019 Arts & Crafts Festival; these were so popular that the group wanted to find a way to create a further dance piece for our online festival. This medium has given us the opportunity to include members of our group who have since moved away from London, as well as enticing new ones in. It gives us wonderfully creative opportunities to film and edit.

We want to celebrate the creative beauty of diverse groups collaborating, as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, whilst acknowledging that we can still only dance alone, or socially distanced within the church. We have found a way to create choreography that we have chosen to dance in venues we deem to be of beauty. We have been motivated by the theme of the church’s Mission Action Plan: The World Will Be Saved by Beauty in All Its Forms

We have taken an extract from Henry Purcell’s incidental music, composed in 1695 for one of Thomas Shadwell’s plays, Timon of Athens. The music is from the point at which Timon comes to the dreadful realisation that a life of consumption has left him spiritually (and financially) bankrupt. This tectonic shift in his circumstances, literally, takes him into a different place with a whole new mindset; we found this especially resonant.