Creative beauty gifted by our community 

The Beauty of Poetry

The Beauty of Poetry: a piece from the community

Performers: Penelope Goddard, Edward Collet, Anthony Dawes

Parishioners will read some of their favourite poems covering a variety of themes such as resilience, solace of nature and isolation.

"There are three powers in man of conversing with Paradise … the three sons of Noah who survived the flood who are Poetry, Painting and Music” wrote the visionary poet William Blake.    

Three poems have been chosen for this festival, and its theme of Beauty will save the World.

These poems date from 17th, 19th, and 20th century, each century having its own share of disasters with pestilence, fire and war, but each poem showing the resilient nature of human beings to transcend misfortune. 

They are read by members of our community, the actors, Penelope Goddard and Anthony Dawes, and illustrator, Edward Collet.

The Peace of Wild Things by the contemporary American farmer and poet, Wendell Berry, addresses the power of Nature and wild things to bring us back into balance with the Earth. Read by Penelope Goddard.

The World by Henry Vaughan is a vision of Eternity in an evolving universe. Read by Edward Collet.

Ulysses by Sir Alfred Tennyson is about the Greek hero returning to Ithaca from the Trojan Wars and the vicissitudes he encounters on his journey.  Read by Anthony Dawes.